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Welcome to Cajutan Restaurant and Food Shop,
with Swedish delicacies.

Cajutan opened the first restaurant in Sweden in 2003. In Grebbestad, on the West Coast in Sweden, many guests enjoyed Cajutan´s hospitality and atmosphere.
Our goal was, and is, to serve food is a delight to the eye and mouth watering
Cajutan is close to our heart. The First Cajutan in Thailand opened in 2008 at Soi 88/1, next to Market Village in Hua Hin.

The wonderful climate and the people of Thailand made us decided to settle down here. We quickly discovered what all Swedes missing in the way of food. We used our Swedish taste buds and opened a Food Shop with a variety of Swedish delicacies.

We cook the majority of delicacies in our kitchen, but we also have some imported Swedish products in our range.
In our Food Shop on Cajutan, you will find delicacies that you miss from Sweden.

Cajutan Food Shop
Our shop with Swedish delicacies are in Hua Hin and Bangkok
Most of our products are available in both stores.

Cajutan Food Shop Online
Here, you who live in Thailand, can order our products, we ship with EMS.

Cajutan Restaurant
On Cajutan you can enjoy wonderfully tasty Swedish home cooking.
Our goal is to make the guest get a complete experience. It is important that the flavors “marry” together
It’s not just the food to taste good, even beverage, hospitality and ambiance is number one for us.

We have carefully selected the best ingredients and buys everything fresh every day.
Some of our spices, to get to the amazing taste, we get sent to us by the same vendor we had on our restaurants in Sweden.
Here you can enjoy homemade Swedish food at its very best.
We serve traditional Swedish food and Swedish delicacies.

Zdeni and Björn Claesson with staff.

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