Boiled Crayfish (Swedish Style)

Now we have cooked crayfish in our store again.

The crayfish are delivered live to us, they are grown in northern Thailand.
We cook them according to our recipe we have used for many years at Cajutan on the west coast of Sweden.
The crayfish do not get the “red” color we are used to when they are cooked, but the taste is exactly the same!

approximately 500g. Price 595 Baht.
Crayfish knifes, 4pcs. 250 Baht.
Email us how many kg, you want.

Swedish Midsummer!

June 25th

Do you want to enjoy a wonderful Swedish midsummer together with loved ones?
We have the Swedish food you need for a tasty party!

Several different types of herring, marinated “gravad” and smoked salmon, salmon sauce, fish roe orange, Skagen mix, Cajutan’s dark bread “Kavring”, imported Greenland prawns, many different cheeses from Sweden and much more…
For dessert, we recommend chocolate balls or our famous Rumtopf!

Please be out in good time!
For delivery outside Hua Hin we would like your order by Sunday, June 21th.
For pick-up in our store in Hua Hin, we would like your order by Tuesday, June 23rd.

Our store is not that big and we cannot guarantee that we have everything in stock if you have not ordered. We apologize for this.

Email or call your order as soon as possible.

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