New products at Cajutan in Hua Hin

Many lovely customers who asked for our kebabs that we made at Cajutan in Bangkok.
Now we have finally got the thumbs out…
Pork kebab meat 200g. 109 Baht
Beef kebab meat 200g. 129 Baht
Kebab sauce spicy or mild 180g. 99 Baht
Kebab herb 20g. 49 Baht

Swedish Hot Dog and sausage bread!
4 sausages 159 Baht
4 sausage bread 85 Baht

Welcome to our store in Hua Hin, or order online.
We ship by refrigerated truck all over Thailand.
FREE shipping on orders over 4000 Baht.


Cajutan food shop in Hua Hin will moves to a new location on June 11.
Only 800 meters from our old namely Soi Mae Kep 5, opposite the football field (see attached map).
We offer you as our customer 20% discount on the following products:

Imported Greenland Prawns 1 kg
Regular price 795 Baht for 1 kg.. You only pay 520 Baht for 1 kg!

Sliced ​​cooked Ham
Ca: 200g. 190 Baht. You only pay 152 Baht!
Ca: 500g. 425 Baht. You only pay 340 Baht!

Pickled Chanterelles
Ca: 200g. 299 Baht. You only pay 239 Baht!

Pickled sweet Cucumber
Ca: 200g. 100 Baht. You only pay 80 Baht!
Ca: 500g. 170 Baht. You only pay 136 Baht!

Pickled Boston Cucumber
Ca: 200g. 120 Baht. You only pay 96 Baht!

Ca: 600ml. 370 Baht. You only pay 296 Baht!

Heat & Eat / Lunch boxes
Meatballs with sauce and mashed potatoes 130 Baht. You only pay 104 Baht!
Meatloaf with sauce and mashed potatoes 150 Baht. You only pay 120 Baht!
Flying Jacob with rice 110 Baht. You only pay 88 Baht!
Pea soup with pork 190 Baht. You only pay 152 Baht!
Macaroni pudding with ham 180 Baht. You only pay 144 Baht!
Sausage Stroganoff with mashed potatoes 150 Baht. You only pay 120 Baht!
Pork leg with turnip mash 195 Baht. You only pay 156 Baht!
Mashed Potatoes 500g. 110 Baht. You only pay 88 Baht!
Turnip Mash 500g. 165 Baht. You only pay 132 Baht!

All discounted prices apply 24/5 – 10/6 or, as long as stock lasts.

Welcome to Cajutan Food Shop
085-2945241 (Swe + Eng)
098-8854183 (Thai + Eng)