Swedish Sandwich Cake for New Year?

Do you want to eat something exotic for your new year celebration?
Invite your loved ones to a wonderful taste experience!
The perfect solution to various festivities and celebrations.

Order our amazing sandwich cake by Friday 29th of December.
Pick up at Cajutan on new year eve.

Available in 2 different flavors.
Fish and seafood, or ham & cheese.
And in two different sizes, 4 servings   990 B
8 servings   1 990 B
Also available as 50/50   2 190 B
Mixed. Salmon, seafood, ham and cheese.

Fish & Seafood Sandwich cake
Prawns cooked on the “Swedish” way, Marinated salmon, tuna, eggs,
Anchovies, mayonnaise, cream and much more …

Ham & Cheese Sandwich cake
Ham, cheese, eggs, Liver pate, mayonnaise, cream, fruit and much more…
Swedish sandwich cake at Cajutan in Bangkok
Restaurant Cajutan
21/1 Sukhumvit Soi 18. (next to Rembrandt hotel)
02-2580049 (Eng. and Thai.)
Zdeni Claesson 085-2945241 (Swe. and Eng.)

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