New Menu at Cajutan

A real classic Swedish Cuisine is now on our menu.
Wooden Platter!
Vegetarian (with Halloumi cheese) Fish, Lobster, Chicken and Beef Tenderloin.

P1. Wooden Platter, Grilled Halloumi Cheese     575,-
Served with grilled vegetables, mushrooms, mango sauce and duchesse potatoes.
P2. Wooden Platter, Oven Baked Salmon    565,-
Served with hollandaise sauce, baked vegetables and duchesse potatoes.
P3. Wooden Platter, Steamed Cod Loin     595,-
Served with steamed vegetables, dill sauce and duchesse potatoes.
P4. Wooden Platter, Lobster     895,-
Oven baked half lobster, lemon aioli and duchesse potatoes.
P5. Wooden Platter, Grilled Chicken fillet      495,-
With cashew nut sauce, tomato salsa, bacon wrapped haricots verts and duchesse potatoes.
P6. Wooden Platter, Grilled Beef Tenderloin (200 g.)     695,-
Whit bearnaise sauce, bacon wrapped haricots verts and duchesse potatoes.
Wooden Platter with real swedish cuisine. Vegetarian (Halloumi cheese), fish, lobster, chicken and meat, served at Cajutan in Bangkok

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