Salmon Temptation

“A platter filled with salmon”
Smoked Salmon, Marinated Salmon, Poached Salmon, Salmon & Seafood paté, Tzatziki, Skagen mix, Egg halves, Potatoes, Olives, fresh Vegetables and Fruits, homemade Bread and three dips. (Hollandaise sauce, Salmon sauce and a Spicy chilli)

2 persons 1,595 Baht
4 people 2,795 Baht
6 persons 3,895 Baht
For more than 6 people will be 600 Baht / person

Order 2 days in advance and pick up at Cajutan.
We can even arrange delivery to your home in Bangkok.
To order contact: or call 085-2945241 Zdeni
Norwegian Salmon at Cajutan in Bangkok

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