Swedish Christmas Dinner

December 17th. 7 pm.
December 24 (Fully Booked)

Cajutan´s genuine Swedish “Julbord”
5 kinds of herring, potatoes, smoked salmon, marinated salmon, poached salmon, eggs with Kalles Caviar, fish & seafood pâté, Jansson’s temptation, Christmas ham, meatballs, “prinskorv”, brawn, honey marinated ribs, pickled beetroots, brown beans, beetroot salad, herring salad, red cabbage, salmon sauce, Swedish mustard, homemade bread, cheese and much more…
Cajutan´s Dessert Table
Rice à la Malta, fruit and gingerbread.

999 Baht
(Children under 10 years, 499 Baht)
Only pre-booked tickets!
Swedish Christmas Dinner at Cajutan in Bangkok
Restaurant Cajutan
Sukhumvit Soi 18 in Bangkok.
For more information call, Zdeni 085-2945241

3 thoughts on “Swedish Christmas Dinner

    • Hi Markus,
      Our Christmas dinner is on Saturday, December 24th, on Christmas Eve.
      It is already fully booked.
      If you want to come on Friday, we offer a Christmas platters for only 699 Baht.

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