1 thought on “Ham Broth “dopp i grytan”

  1. We thought that would be a fun introduction to today s focus the famous Swedish Christmas ham. The center piece on any Christmas table in Sweden. With the ham comes dopp i grytan (dip-in-the-pot) a fondue-like creation made from the strained and reduced broth in which the ham is poached. A solid proof  that peasants and farm kitchens let nothing go to waste! The recipe for the ham comes in courtesy of Swedish chef Marcus Jernmark who took the Nordic restaurant Aquavit in New York to a Michelin Star in 2013! For this recipe you will need a ham that has been brined and lightly smoked, not a salt-cured. A brined, smoked ham is considered partially cooked and therefore needs only to be heated to a lower degree. 1 brined and lightly smoked ham boiling water 2 onions, peeled and speared with cloves 1 large carrot, chopped

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