“Smorgasboard Plates”

We serve fantastic plates, with selection from the Swedish “Smörgåsbord”.
Choose between fish or meat. Or enjoy both!
Choose whether you want to eat with us at Cajutan or order home.

Swedish “Smorgasboard” Plate (Fish) 399,-
Marinated “gravad” salmon, smoked salmon, salmon sauce, egg halves with Kalles caviar, small potatoes, two kinds of herring, smoked eel and Jansson´s temptation

Swedish “Smorgasboard” Plate (Meat) 399,-
Köttbullar, rödbetssallad, prinskorvar. köttfärslimpa. rårörda lingon, inlagd smörgåsgurka,
färsk potatis, Janssons frestelse
Enjoy at Cajutan!
Smörgåsbordstallrikar på Cajutan i Bangkok
We deliver!

Feel at home!
Swedish smorgasboard "smörgåsbord" plates at cajutan in Bangkok

Of course you can order a “Swedish Nubbe, for your “Smörgåsbord”
Choose from Skåne, OP Andersson, Halland Elder, Linie Akvavit and Aalborg Jubileum.
199 B / 4 cl.
You can also order our homemade shot:
Ahlgrens bilar, Turkish Pepper, Polkagris or Ginger shot
159 B / 4cl

Call us for delivery.
02-2580049 (Thai + Thai-English)
06-3597 9970 (Swe)

Restaurant Cajutan
21/1 Sukhumvit Soi 18. (next to Rembrandt hotell)

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