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Price information
CI-1Cajutan´s Onion Herringca:200 g249
CI-2Cajutan´s Tomato Herringca:200 g249
CI-3Cajutan´s Curry Herringca:200 g249
CI-4Cajutan´s Matjes Herringca:200 g249
CI-22Cajutan´s Mustard Herringca:200 g249
CI-28Cajutan´s Dill Herringca:200 g249
CI-30Cajutan´s Sherry Herringca:200 g249
Dips, salad and pickles
CD-9“Gubbröra”ca:200 g199
CD-11Skagen mixca:200 g229
CD-17Salmon Saladca:200 g199
CD-10Herring Saladca:200 g199
CD-7Potato Saladca:200 g149
CD-14Pizza saladca:150 g119
CD-5Aiolica:120 g119
CD-15Cajutans Bearnaise sauceca:500 g249
CD-16Cajutans Hollandaise sauceca:500 g249
CD-27Kebab sauce garlicca:300 g129
CI-14Pickled Beetrootsca:450 g149
CD-8Beetroot saladca:200 g159
CI-27Pickled Chantarellesca:200 g399
CI-8Sweet Pickled Cucumberca:420 g149
CI-21Salt Pickled Cucumberca:420 g149
CI-23Cucumber saladca:160 g149
CI-7Cajutans Lingonberriesca:200 g199
CI-19Strawberry Jamca:200 g149
CI-20Blueberry Jamca:200 g149
CI-26Raspberry Jamca:200 g169
CD-6Salmon Sauceca:130 g199
Meat, sausages and cooked foods
CK-1Liver Pateca:160 g199
CK-6Cocktail Sausage (Prinskorv)10 pcs.169
CK-10Falukorv 720 – 920 g/pc.1 st.595
CK-11Isterband 200 – 240 g/pack2 st.219
CK-13Cooked Ham (sliced)ca: 500 g399
CK-29Christmas ham (salted and cooked) approx 2 2 kg1250
CK-29aChristmas ham (salted and cooked) approx 4; 4 kg2550
CK-23Christmas ham (salted, cooked and “griljerad”) approx 2 2 kg1300
CK-23aChristmas ham (salted, cooked and “griljerad) approx 4; 4 kg2600
CK-30Ham broth “dopp i grytan”5 dl.59
CK-8Meatloaf1 kg399
CK-14Cabbage rolls4 st.199
CK-19Patties 100 g2 st.99
CK-27Kebab Meat from pork500 g439
CK-5Fine ground mince, beef & pork 50/501 kg449
CK-24Fine ground mince beef500 g279
CK-25Fine ground mince pork500 g189
CK-21Swedish Meatballs 500 g299
CK-3Swedish Meatballs 1 kg575
Fish & Seafood
CF-14Cod Loin, 2 pcs. (North Pacific)ca:300 g329
CF-5Gravad Salmonca: 100 g175
CF-4Smoked Salmonca: 100 g175
CF-20Smoked Eel1 pc.229
CF-18Live Crayfish12-15 pcs1050
CF-19Boiled Crayfish12-15 pcs1195
CF-21Imported Artric Prawns1 kg795
CF-1Jansson´s Temtationca:250 g199
CX-1Brown Beansca:360 g199
CX-2Pancakes3 st.119
CX-6Lanttu Laatikko200 g249
CX-5Small fresh potatokg199
Bread & Cookies
CB-1Sourdough Breadca:680 g169
CB-35Vörtbröd (swedish christmas bread)1 pcs.245
CB-27Swedish bread “Tea cake”4 pcs.119
CB-39Swedish Thin Bread5 pcs.100
CB-20Pearl Sugar for Cinnamon Bunca:500 g350
CB-15Apple Cake & Vanilla sauceca:200 g169
CB-3Homemade Brownieca:100 g179
CB-36Punsch-roll2 pcs.99
CB-24Strawberry Surprise 4 pcs.4 pcs.120
CB-25Raspberry Surprise4 pcs.120
CB-26Blueberry Surprise4 pcs.120
CB-10Chocholate ball4 pcs.100
CB-6Gingerbread 20 pcs.189
CB-7Gingerbread Doughca:400 g259
CB-17Blueberry Cupcakes5 pcs.159
CB-18Apple Cupcakes5 pcs.159
CB-4Cinnamon Buns5 pcs.170
CB-40Lussekatter5 pcs.170
Cheese & Dairy
CD-1Garlic Butterca: 100 g99
CD-2Herb Butterca: 100 g109
CH-1Dill Seeds30 g89
CH-2Kebab Herb30 g89
P-4Poolshot glass 1 – 91 set950
P-14Lady glass1 pc.150
P-15Cheese slicer1 pc.339
P-16Plastic Tray Easter1 pc.159
P-1Crocheted Coasters1 pc.39
P-3Toothpick Container1 pc.199
P-8Cajutan Shopping/beach bag1 pc.170
P-17Iphone Lighter1 pc.399
P-18Salt miniature1 pc.29
P-19Pepper miniature1 pc.29
P-20Scratch Book1 pc.29
P-21Waving Cat1 pc.189
P-22Bag clip Ladybug1 pc.99
P-23Flapper1 pc.39
P-24Easy Whisk1 pc.399
P-26Starter kit straw1 pc.169
P-27Single set metal straw1 pc.89
P-28Single set bamboo straw1 pc.89
P-29Single set glass straw1 pc.89
P-30Tootbrush bamboo1 pc.89
P-31Cotton buds bamboo1 pack49
P-11Mosquito Soap heart in a tin1 pc.95
P-12Mosquito Soap heart in a box (big)1 pc.129
P-13Miracle oil1 pc.195
B-2Orginalkopian / Per Eriksson1 pc.350
B-3Vidriga Vuxna Män / Per Eriksson1 pc.350
B-1Om vi inte minns rätt / Håkan Wallenius1 pc.300
CD-13Coleslawca:200 g139
CD-24Tzatzikica:500 g199
CD-18Lemon Aiolica:120 g119
CI-15Red Cabbageca:450 g149
CF-8Hand peeled shrimps, Swedish tasteca: 400 g565
CX-3Creps mushroom sauce2 st.149
CB-23Curdled Milkca:2,5 dl99
Lunch Boxes Standard Size
LU-1Sausage Stroganoff with mashed potatoes1 box189
LU-38Baked potato with Skagen mix and salad1 box189
LU-17Marinated Salmon with dill potatoes1 box189
LU-39Oven baked Falukorv with mashed potatoes1 box189
LU-12Potato pancakes with fried bacon and lingonberries1 box189
LU-40Fried pork with onion suace and boiled potatoes1 box189
LU-9Meatballs with gravy, mashed potatoes and lingonberries1 box189
LU-36Fried vegetables on a bed of salad (vegetarian)1 box189
Lunch Boxes Viking Size
LUV-1Sausage Stroganoff with mashed potatoes1 box249
LUV-38Baked potato with Skagen mix and salad1 box249
LUV-17Marinated Salmon with dill potatoes1 box249
LUV-39Oven baked Falukorv with mashed potatoes1 box249
LUV-12Potato pancakes with fried bacon and lingonberries1 box249
LUV-40Fried pork with onion suace and boiled potatoes1 box249
LUV-9Meatballs with gravy, mashed potatoes and lingonberries1 box249
LUV-36Fried vegetables on a bed of salad (vegetarian)1 box249
Sandwich cake etc.
CSM-1Salmon & Seaffod Sandwich Cake4 person990
CSM-2Salmon & Seaffod Sandwich Cake (8 person)8 person1990
CSM-3Ham & Cheese Sandwich Cake4 person990
CSM-4Ham & Cheese Sandwich Cake (8 person)8 person1990
CSM-550/50 Mixed Shrimp, Salmon, Ham and Cheese8 person2190
CSM-6Salmon & Seafood Pastry1 st.289
CB-37Princess Cake10-12 pers.1575
Imported Products
IO-3Fjällbrynt Creamed Shrimp Cheese250 g279
IO-4Fjällbrynt Creamed Crab & Lobster Cheese250 g279
IO-5Fjällbrynt Ham Cheese250 g279
IO-8Fjällbrynt Ädelost175 g279
IO-9Fjällbrynt Creamed Bacon Cheese250 g279
IO-10Fjällbrynt Creamed Salami Cheese250 g279
IO-25Fjällbrynt Edamer Edam Cheese250 g279
IM-2Felix Smörgåsgurka370 g179
IM-3Felix Bostongurka Original375 g199
IM-14Felix Skivade Aptit Rödbetor370 g169
IM-15Felix Rårörda Lingon410 g289
IM-4Felix Ketchup500 g219
IM-9Felix Gulasch Soppa560 g299
IM-10Felix Köttfärssås560 g299
IM-11Felix Chiliconcarne560 g299
IM-16Felix Ravioli med köttfärsås560 g299
IM-21Felix Köttbullar med gräddsås560 g299
VIL-1Mackerel in tomato sauce3×125 g269
IM-5Felix Potatismos420 g299
IM-35Ekströms Nyponsoppa1 kg269
IM-36Ekströms Blåbärssoppa1 kg189
IM-47Knorr Soldiers Pea soup570 g419
IM-37BOB svart & röd vinbärsgelé450 g169
IKE-5Lingonberry jam, organic400 g219
IKE-6Cloudberry jam, organic425 g479
IM-48Ekströms Quick Marsan 7 portion (vanilla sauce)91 g159
IM-49Torrjäst, Crown100 g89
IM-24Grebbestad Ansjovis125 g289
IM-25Abba Löksill240 g249
IM-6Felix Caesar dressing370 ml219
IM-17Felix Tartar Sauce400 ml229
IM-19Felix Garlic Dressing370 ml219
IM-18Thousand Island Dressing370 ml219
IM-50Blåband Bearnaisesås69 g199
IM-51Blåband Hollandaisesås75 g199
IM-63Felix Senap Original430 g239
IM-64Felix Senap Stark430 g239
IM-65Felix Senap Sötstark430 g239
IKE-7Wholegrain mustard, organic190 g169
IKE-8Mild mustard Ikea500 g179
IM-43Estrella Dipmix Dill20 g119
IM-44Estrella Dipmix Holiday26 g119
IM-45Estrella Dipmix Tortilla28 g119
IM-46Estrella Dipmix American26 g119
IM-69OLW Dipmix Fresh Island24 g119
IM-54Santa Taco Spice Mixpack149
IM-68Royal D electrolytepack7
MAK-9Saltletts Brezel150 g139
IM-67Rite Wafers100 g79
IM-39GBG Kex Gold Marie200 g199
IM-59Digestive Biscuitpack129
IM-53Mandel beskvierpack229
IM-55GBG Wafers Wheat Big packpack219
IM-40GBG Wafers Wheat85 g139
IM-60Oboy Chocolatepack399
IKE-3Ginger thins organic170 g139
IM-61Leksands Knäcke Brungräddat1 paket199
IM-8Leksands Knäckebröd1 paket199
IM-41Wasa Crisp Bread Frukost260 g249
IM-42Wasa Crisp Bread Husman240 g249
IM-62Wasa Crisp Bread Sport240 g249
Cooled Imported Products
IO-1Allerum Grevéost cheese 500 g500 g595
IO-6Allerum Xo Prästost cheesekg1190
IO-11Allerum Herrgårdost cheesekg1190
IO-12Allerum Whisky Mackmyra cheesekg1190
IO-29Allerum Svecia cheesekg1190
IO-7Glimminge Port Salute cheesekg1190
IO-13Seriously Strong White cheesekg1190
IO-18Emborg Havarti cheesekg790
IO-17Edamer cheeseca:500 g395
IO-20Emborg Danish Red Cheddarkg890
IO-21Emborg Danish White Cheddarkg890
IO-19Paysan Breton Camembert cheese125 g169
IO-24Grana Padano Parmesan Cheesekg495
IO-22Emborg Danish Blue100 g195
IO-23Emborg Semi Soft Havarti200 g195
IO-28Maasdam Cheese500 g395
IO-26Edam Red Ball Cheese500 g495
IO-27Gouda Cheese500 g455
IM-70Chantarelles (frozen)500 g1199
IM-1Kalles Kaviar Original190 g219
Candy & Snacks
IG-1Ahlgrens Bilar original125 g179
IG-37Ahlgrens Bilar Saltlakrits100 g179
IG-2Polly original130 g219
IG-4Malaco Gott & Blandat160 g149
IG-5Malaco Gott & Blandat Salt150 g149
IG-6Malaco Familie GUF150 g149
IG-7Malaco Djungelvrål80 g149
IG-8Malaco Colaflaskor170 g149
IG-9Malaco Zoo80 g149
IG-11Malaco Fruxo80 g129
IG-13Hallon-Lakrits Skallar100 g149
IG-14Salt Skallar100 g149
IG-15Hallon-Lakrits-skalle skum90 g149
IG-16Cool Cola skalle90 g149
IG-17Sur skalle90 g149
IG-29Marabou Milk Chocolate200 g299
IG-30Marabou Schweizernot200 g299
IG-31Marabou Fruit & Almond200 g299
IG-32Kexchoklad60 g139
IG-25Cloetta Plopp50 g139
IG-19Bounty57 g119
IG-20Dajm56 g119
IG-24Cloetta Center50 g129
IG-33Lakrisal25 g99
IG-34Dumlekolor220 g299
IG-43Dumlekolor91 g219
IG-23Fazer Licueur fills100 g79
IG-18Maynards Bassetts MiDGET GEMS120 g139
IG-35Läkerol Originalpack139
IG-36Läkerol Licorice Seasaltpack139
IG-38Läkerol Cactuspack139
IG-39Läkerol Salvipack139
IG-3Turkisk Peber120 g199
IG-42Salta Kattenpack159
IG-40Pick & Mix Candy1 kg690
MAK-1Pringles Original42 g59
MAK-2Pringles Cour Cream & Onion42 g59
MAK-3Salted Pistachios30 g79
MAK-4Salted Cashew Nuts40 g89
MAK-5Party Snack40 g29
MAK-6Salty Peanuts42 g29
MAK-7Nature´s Sensation Dried Cranberries30 g69
MAK-8Nature´s Sensation Dried Mixed Berries30 g69
IS-1OLW cheese puffs Orignal160 g199
IS-2OLW Chips Dill & Gräslök175 g199
IS-3OLW Chips Grill175 g199
IS-4OLW Chips Sour cream & onion175 g199
Alcohol & Tobacco
A-20Bangkok Vodka75 Cl.799
A-1Skåne Alc 38%700 ml1495
A-1aSkåne Alc 38%350 ml1295
A-2OP Andersson Alc 40%700 ml1495
A-3Gammeldansk Alc 38%700 ml1495
A-4Aalborg Jubileum700 ml1495
A-6Hallands Fläder700 ml1495
A-7Gammel Norrlands500 ml1295
A-8Bäska Droppar500 ml1395
A-5Dr. Nielsen700 ml1495
A-9Dr. Nielsen3 x 20 ml399
A-10Bornholmer Jule Akvavit700 ml1595
A-11Linie Akvavit700 ml1495
A-17Dunderglögg70 cl.1195
A-18Cajutan´s Glögg70 cl.995
CA-2Ahlgrens bilar shot 200 ml200 ml355
CA-7Santa Claus shot 200 ml200 ml355
CA-6Tomteskum shot 200 ml110 ml195
CA-8Turkisk Peber shot 200 ml200 ml295
T-3Snus Bergamott loose1 can250
T-4Snus Tobacco loose1 can250
T-5Snus Licorice loose1 can250
T-6Snus Rappe loose1 can250
T-7Snus Smokey loose1 can250
T-8Snus Whiskey loose1 can250
T-9Snus Chilli loose1 can250
T-10Snus Peppermint loose1 can250
T-11Snus Mild loose1 can250
T-12Snus Bergamott portion1 can250
T-13Snus Tobacco portion1 can250
T-14Snus Licorice portion1 can250
T-15Snus Rappe portion1 can250
T-16Snus Smokey portion1 can250
T-17Snus Whiskey portion1 can250
T-18Snus Chilli portion1 can250
T-19Snus Peppermint portion1 can250
T-20Snus Mild portion1 can250
T-21Snus Bergamott White portion1 can250
T-22Snus Tobacco White portion1 can250
T-23Snus Licorice White portion1 can250
T-24Snus Rappe White portion1 can250
T-25Snus Smokey White portion1 can250
T-26Snus Whiskey White portion1 can250
T-27Snus Chilli White portion1 can250
T-28Snus Peppermint White portion1 can250
T-29Snus Mild White portion1 can250

The price list applies from December 12th, 2018 and until further notice.
Subject to certain price/weight changes.

Sweden Restaurant Cajutan
21/1 Sukhumvit Soi 18. (next to Rembrandt hotell)
02-2580049 (Thai + Eng)
06-3597 9970 (Swe + Eng)