Toast Skagen 199,-
a small toast with Skagen salad and homemade mayonnaise
2 x Salmon 289,-
marinated and smoked salmon, salmon sauce, toast melba and fresh lemon
S.O.S “Swedish Herring Platter” 269,-
three kinds of herring, Swedish cheese, boiled new potato, crispy bread and butter.
Kalles Caviar 99,-
with boiled egg, served on crispy bread “knäckebröd”

Salmon Salad   339,-
mixed lettuce, croutons, cucumber, tomato, egg, pickled red onion, lemon and dill dressing
Swedish Prawn Salad   399,-
imported Arctic prawns, mixed lettuce, egg, tomato, cucumber, leek, lemon and Rhode Island dressing

Seasonal Vegetarian Pasta   199,­

spaghetti with fresh vegetables in a rich tomato and herb sauce, topped with parmesan cheese
Spaghetti & Meatballs   269,-
spaghetti with Swedish meatballs in a rich tomato and herb sauce, topped with parmesan cheese
Salmon Pasta  339,-
spaghetti with smoked salmon, capers and olives in a cream sauce

Swedish Meatballs “Köttbullar”   199,­ 
with mashed potatoes, cream brown sauce, pickled cucumber and lingonberries
Mr. Jansson   349,­
Jansson´s temptation, Swedish meatballs and Swedish sausages “prinskorv”
Swedish sausage “Isterband”   299,­
with creamed potatoes and pickled beetroots
Oven baked Sausage “Falukorv”   299,­
with mashed potatoes
Fried Sausage “Falukorv”   249,­
with creamy macaroni
Sausage Stroganoff   299,­
“Falukorv” and onion in a cream sauce, served with rice
Beef á la Lindström   379,-
with red wine sauce, fried potatoes, pickled beetroots and parsley butter
Swedish Potato Cake “Raggmunk”   279,-
with fried bacon and lingonberries
Medallions of Pork Fillet   389,­
With pepper sauce, bearnaise sauce, grilled tomato and fries
Smoked Norwegian Fjord Salmon   399,­
with creamed potatoes in dill

“Smorgasbord” Plate (Fish)   339,-
marinated “gravad” salmon, smoked salmon, salmon sauce, egg halves with Kalles caviar, new potatoes, two kinds of herring and Jansson´s temptation
“Smorgasbord” Plate (Meat)   339,-
Swedish meatballs, sausages “prinskorv”, meatloaf, lingonberries, pickled cucumber, new potatoes and Jansson´s temptation
Swedish Shrimp Sandwich “Räkmacka”   349,-
served with imported Greenland prawns
Imported Greenland Prawns in a Box   (200g)399,-   (400g) 769,-
served with baguette, aioli and lemon
Swedish Dishes Served on Wooden Platter
Oven Baked Salmon   499,-
served with hollandaise sauce, grilled vegetables and duchesse potatoes
Grilled Pork Tenderloin (200 g)   339,-
served with béarnaise sauce, bacon wrapped asparagus, grilled tomato and duchesse potatoes


Por Pier Tod   89,-
spring rolls with plum sauce
Gai Satay with Sauce Toaw   99,-
chicken satay with peanut sauce
Kaw Tom Moo / Gai   79,-
rice soup with pork or chicken
Tom Kha Gai   129,-
soup with Chicken and Coconut milk
Tom Yum Goong   149,-
spicy and sour prawn soup
Mussaman Moo / Gai   149,-
yellow curry with potato and pork or chicken
Panang Moo / Gai   149,-
panang curry with pork or chicken
Kang Kaew Wan Moo / Gai   139,-
green curry with pork or chicken
Pad Kra Prao Moo / Gai   99,-
spicy fried pork or chicken with basil leaves
Lab Moo   99,-
fried spicy pork with onion, basil and herbs
Pad Thai Goong   159,-
fried noodles with egg and shrimps
Pad Pak   89,-
fried vegetables in oyster sauce     
Khao Phat Moo / Gai   99,-
fried rice with pork or chicken
Moo Manow   129,-
pork and lemon with spicy salad
Nor Mai Farang Pad Goong   139,-
stir fried asparagus with shrimps
Khao Phat Goong   149,-
fried rice with shrimps
Pak Pad Med Ma Muang   129,-
fried vegetables with cashew nuts
Gai Pa Med Ma Muang   129,-
fried chicken with cashew nuts
Yam Woonsen   159,-
spicy glass noodles with minced pork and shrimps

Swedish Meatballs   159,-

with mashed potatoes
Fried Sausage “Falukorv” with creamy Macaronis   179,-
Medallions of Pork Fillet   199,-

with bearnaise sauce and fries

All Cajutan Pizzas are made on a Thin Crust base with Rich Tomato Sauce, Topped with Mozzarella, then Baked to Perfection!

Pizza Margherita     small 159,-   big 249,-
fresh tomato and basil
Pizza Hawaii     small 269,-   big 369,-
ham and pineapple
Pizza Chicken     small 199,-   big 329,-
chicken, cashew nuts and banana
Pizza Kebab     small 279,-   big 389,-
tomato, kebab meat, red onion, feferoni, garlic sauce
Pizza Mr.Meatball     small 229,-   big 369,-
Swedish meatballs, lingonberries and pickled cucumber
Pizza Calzone     one size 349,-
Baked with tomato, ham and mozzarella
Pizza Salami     small 199,-   big 299,-
Pizza Viking Meat Lover     small 239,-   big 379,-
salami, ham, mushroom, onion, dried chili, roasted garlic

Kebab Plate     (200g meat) 269,-     Big plate (400g meat) 399,-
kebab meat (pork), served with garlic sauce, salad feferoni and French fries
Kebab in Bread     (200g meat) 249,-
kebab meat (pork), served with garlic sauce and salad
Viking Burger   349,-
150gm beef patty, smoked streaky bacon, cheddar cheese, fried egg, sautéd onions, beetroot and BBQ sauce
Garlic Bread with Aioli   79,-   with cheese 99,-
French Fries with Aioli   99,-

Swedish Homemade Pancakes   119,-
with strawberry jam and whipped cream
Swedish Dajm Cake   149,-
with whipped cream
Swedish Apple Cake   119,-

with vanilla sauce
1 Scoop of Ice Cream   59,-
Cinnamon Bun   59,-